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Sign in for the Utrecht University Business Course

The board of Utrecht University Business Course (UUBC) is looking for more highly motivated students to take part in the course. This year the course is held in collaboration with the Utrecht University and this year, we are holding our fifth edition.

The UUBC is an interdisciplinary honours programme for master students with a keen interest for business. The programme consists of weekly meetings in the evening, in order to make it easy to follow combined with studies or internships. 30 students are selected for this programme every year in which they will be challenged within two areas: consultancy and entrepreneurship. Last year, we had participants from a variety of different fields, such as science & business management, computer science, medicine, law, economics and even biomedical sciences.

During the consultancy part, teams will be tasked to solve a business case that is provided by a client company. In collaboration with consultancy firms, the participants will be guided by different consultants to solve their case in a systematic way. At the end, teams will pitch their solution to the client. The team with the best solution will receive an award from the jury.

As for the entrepreneurship part, teams will be working on their own startup idea. They will look for a problem that potential customers are facing, work out a possible solution and bring this solution to the market. Workshops about validation, their customers, business plans and also pitching will be held in order to assist the teams in this process. In the end, the teams will hold a final pitch to a professional jury that will provide not only valuable feedback but also hand out the final certificates and respective awards to multiple teams.

Interested? Visit the website for more information about this course!


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