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NVTG Conference

Daniel Boateng, Linda Barry and Meri Varkila presented their Julius Global Health research activities at the ‘Health of People on the Move’ symposium on 28 October 2016 organized by the Netherlands Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health (NVTG). The symposium, which is a joint initiative of the NVTG, Doctors Without Borders, Rutgers, Uniting Streams (US) and Tropical Doctors in Training (TROIE) focused on access to health for refugees en route and in the Netherlands.

Migration and cardiovascular disease risk among Ghanaian populations in Europe: The RODAM study
Daniel Boateng assessed the 10-year cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk among Ghanaian migrant populations in The Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom. He compared the results with their counterparts in urban and rural Ghana to gain insight into the role of migration in CVD risk. His findings showed that the risk of CVD was higher among Ghanaians residing in urban environments and differed by city of residency.

Perspectives of skilled attendants on the quality of Basic Emergency Obstetric Care (BEmOC) in Gondar, Northern Ethiopia
Linda Barry investigated the perspectives of skilled birth attendants on the barriers and challenges influencing the quality of care offered by local health centers in Gondar, Northern Ethiopia. Respondents identified four categories of factors affecting the quality of BEmOC services: access to BEmOC training and schooling, the referral system, and functioning facilities and medication.

The influence of HIV-infection and respiratory risk factors on pulmonary condition in sub-Saharan Africa
Meri Varkila investigated the prevalence of airflow obstruction and the association of changes in lung function and respiratory risk factors in HIV-positive participants and HIV-negative controls in a rural South African community. She found that airflow obstruction was significantly more prevalent in HIV-infected individuals than in HIV-negative controls. However, the association between HIV and decline in lung function appears to be multifactorial.


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