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Nominate Your Supervisor

Who are the best promotor and co-promotor of the year? Nominate your supervisor for the supervisor of the year award 2017!
All PhD students within the PhD programme Epidemiology, GSLS Utrecht University can nominate their supervisor for the ‘Supervisor of the year award 2017’. Write a short essay about why you think your supervisor deserves this award most of all other supervisor within the Utrecht University. The deadline for nominating is January 1st 2017. The supervisor of the year committee will select several nominations that will be followed by an interview with the student that nominates the supervisor. After the interviews, the committee will select a promotor of the year and co-promotor of the year, based on the interviews and personal motivations of the students.

Please write in your essay why you think your supervisor should be awarded and give some examples of how your supervisor has been there for you personally or professionally.

The Award Ceremony will be during the PhD Day on the 3rd of February, 2017.


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