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Global Health game

At the annual career event of University College Utrecht, the MSc Epidemiology and Julius Global Health at the UMC Utrecht Julius Center for the first time jointly presented a global health game that introduces students to the dilemmas faced when building a health system with limited resources.


Ms. Jet Broeken, policy officer of the MSc Epidemiology explains the game: “students are asked to distribute health facilities and health professionals, such as clinics, specialized hospitals, nurses, and doctors, in a middle-income country with limited resources. Participants subsequently have to deal with people who need health care; for example, a child in the north of the country with severe diarrhea or a man in the capital in need of immediate surgical attention after a road accident.  Students are asked to assess the impact of their health system design choices: would the person be in time at the health facility to receive the proper care to survive?” 


“And this is also Epidemiology!” Joyce Browne, PhD candidate at the Global Health Unit of the Julius Center explains enthusiastically: “students need information about the disease burden, trends and patterns in order to anticipate the needs of a health care system. An informed choice can only be made with the right information.” Dr. Sabine Uijl, coordinator of the MSc Epidemiology, adds “to come to an evidenced approach to monitor interventions and its impact on health, adequately designed studies are needed; a skill offered through the Master of Science program in Epidemiology. 

Summer School

The Global Health Game will be played again during the MSc Epidemiology course  ‘Fundamentals of Global Health’, offered by the Summer School.  For more information on this course click here.


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